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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. a juror speaks on the casey anthony verdict. and how did george anthony react to being accused of abusing his own daughter? i'll ask his lawyer as fox reports live tonight. this could be casey anthony's last night behind bars. now, one of the jurors tries to explain the verdict. >> no one knows how she died. >> and casey's parents go into hiding but where will casey go? plus,. >> we got -- >> shepard: dramatic audio from the cockpit as a crippled plane plummets toward earth. and another plane frying right into a giant dust storm. >> it was like we were riding
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the wave of sand. >> and the wall hit us when the plane came to the gate. >> tonight, surviving a 50-mile wide hurricane with sand. >> shepard: and first from fox this wednesday night we could be just hours awhat from watching casey anthony go free. tonight we are hearing from one of the jurors who found her not tbilty. guilty. a juror who says the verdict makes her sick to her stomach. saying that is why they didn't talk to the media yesterday saying and i quote, we were crying and not just the women. it was emotional and we weren't ready. and i just said there was not enough evidence. if you cannot prove that the crime was, you cannot determine what the punishment should be. that jury clearing casey anthony of all charges in the death of caylee except the charge of lying to police. today one of the alternate
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jurors defended the verdict and said he was amazed at the outrage over it. remember, the judge sequestered all of the jurors to keep them from seeing media coverage of the trial. >> when i got home last night and after the verdict had been announced the news stations and the public's reaction to me it was unbelievable. no one knows how she died. and i think that was one of the factors where the prosecutors did not meet the burden of proof and, you know, it was beyond a reasonable doubt. >> shepard: the crowds lined up outside the courthouse in orlando today for tickets to casey's sentencing tomorrow, yes, tickets on the four counts of lying to police as they were trying to find her supposedly missing daughter. phil keating has covered the trial for us start to finish. he is outside the courthouse tonight. the judge could decide casey served enough time already. that is a possibility, rite? >> that is in the realm of
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possibilities. this is the orange county jail, a live look at it tonight. that is where casey anthony has been incarcerated since october 14, 2008. the big question tonight, will tonight be her last night sleeping there? earlier today, inmates helped set up barricades outside of the jail just in case big crowds show up there tomorrow. if the judge continues his hardline stance exhibited during the trial he could take into account the time already served and give her the full maximum four years for the four counts, the convictions for lying to the cops so she could still have two years left to serve. >> shepard: what about money? could the judge force casey anthony to pay back the tax money they spent on really the lies of three years ago? >> that is absolutely what we expect. judge belvin perry to perhaps apply and force casey anthony to pay that back. the state's attorney office
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confirming they are figuring out the financial figures to present to the judge. and tim mil miller from texas equisearch also expressed filing a civil suit against casey anthony because they spent $100,000 in the fall, bypassing doing other searches for other really missing children to focus in orlando on finding caylee. >> shepard: we saw george anthony briefly today, phil. reportsering about the of death threats against the family. >> the attorney confirms they have received death threats. they are taking serious security measures around the anthony home. we saw a quick glimpse of george anthony as he answered the door as a sheriff's deputy asked him questions. but the sheriff's department is urging the public to really stay away from the neighborhood anden creased their presence there. we all remember what happened two and a half years ago back in october of 2008 when casey anthony was finally arrested for the charge of murder, a massive crowd if f. not the a
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mob outside of the house calling her baby killer and yelling all kinds of things. the sheriff does not want to see anything like that happen again, shep. >> shepard: phil, thanks. casey anthony's jailhouse letters, we now have access to those and they give us clues about maybe what she might do when she goes free. like have another baby. fellownthony wrote to a fellly inmate let's make a deal, let's get pregnant together if it is really possible to plan it. another letter reads and i quote baby talk, i always wanted to adopt/raise a child from another country. casey also apparently wanted to write a book that could be "partial memoir/comedy relationship advice book for those not in the know". casey's parents say they are now getting death threats. they walked out of the courtroom and did not join their daughter's celebration. where does the shattered family
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go from here. and how did george anthony feel when was accused in court of abusing his daughter. i will ask his lawyer as he joins us live coming right up. it is one a. as one death penalty case comes to an end, another a just beginning. the the commander at fourth hood announced the prime suspect in the fort hood massacre will face the death penalty. investigators say the army major nadal hassan killed 13 people and wounded 32 others in the 2009 shooting spree. witnesses already testified it was, indeed, major hassan who walked into a fort hood medical clinic and opened fire. witnesses claim he paused only to reload and that the shooting only stopped when police returned fire and wounded the suspect. per military law in a death penalty case the defendant is required to plead not guilty. our chief washington
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correspondent james rosen live in d.c. tonight. who made this decision and what kinds of things were take noon account here? >> it was the commanding officer. officials at fort hood said campbell considered filings by the defense as well as recommendations from hassan's chain of command from the investigating officer in the case and from campbell's own legal advisor. since that dark day in november of 2009, hassan has made several court appearances, taking notes and listening impassively to testimony from more than two dozen soldiers who sustained gunshot wounds during the rampage. a military judge new receives the case for trial but that individual has not been named yet. >> hassan could face death. any reaction from his legal team? >> his lawyer says the decision comes as no surprise but john galligan claimed the army gave him no advanced notice as is customary and failed to turn over to the defense numerous files and documents he was
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expecting. >> what was done this morning was wrong. what is also next is when i await hopefully i will start hearing something from the white house and something about the status of my security clearance and something about the outstanding d.o.d. investigation at walter reed. >> reporter: we asked army officials to comment on his claims. they declined. >> shepard: james rosen live in washington. a helicopter crash this afternoon at camp pendleton in california that sits between los angeles and san diego and is the major west coast base of the united states marine corps. a spokesman says six personnel were hurt when it crashed. the helicopter involved a -- the crash involved a uh 1 like the one you see here. it is part of a third marine air wing division. >> for airport security officials, it is one thing to check passengers for underwear bombs but how do you screen
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from explosives planted inside a body? details on what is said to be a new threat to air travel and what the feds are doing about it, coming up. plus, an accused violent mob boss who led the feds on a goose chase for nearly two decades today finally faced a judge and the families of his alleged victims. and the attorneys for casey anthony's family. ♪
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it's the at&t network -- a network of possibilities... committed to delivering the most advced mobile broadband experience to help move business... forward. ♪ lawyers for the white house are calling on the u.s. supreme court to delay the scheduled execution of a mexican citizen now on death row in texas. umberto is set to die tomorrow 199 beating rape4 be aing, and murder of a 16-year-old girl. an appeal pending claims that u.s. authorities never told him that he could seek legal assistance from the mexican government after his arrest. the year was 2004.
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the international court of justice ruled that he and 50 other guilty to, among, other things, 19 murders. authorities caught up with him after he spent 16 years on the run. but today he today cuffed and shackled just miles away from the neighborhood where investigators say he made his bones and where they say he built a criminal empire on extortion, drugs, gambling and murder. one of his former associates testified that he witnessed bulger strangle a woman with his bare hands.
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today outside the court the former superintendent of the massachusetts state police says the days of fear may finally be over. >> in handcuffs. a broken man. was some kind of satisfaction to me personally. i know that. hopefully it is some satisfaction for all of the family. >> shepard: the experts say this is a complex case and a conclusion could be a long way away. molly line is in boston tonight. what are the victims' family members saying? >> prosecutors in the 32 count sweeping federal indictment charged that james whitey bulger participated in 19 murders in the '70s, '80s and '90s. victims were women, men, one was a millionaire. rival gang associates. fellow mob members. ex-girlfriends. girlfriends of associates and innocent bystanders. like one man michael donn dona,
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his family spoke outside the courtroom today. >> they did murders in broad daylight. my father was killed 150-yards from here in broad daylight. i wouldn't be -- i think the worst of him. >> reporter: some of the family members waiting for justice for over 30 years. shep? >> shepard: we heard from whitey bulger's attorney today, right? >> absolutely. and he says the prosecutors have had 20 years to prepare the case. he has had about five days. his name is j.w. carney. one of the better known defense attorneys in boston. seasoned guy. he says that right now whitey bulger has been nothing but courteous and respectful to him and he believes he can get a fair trial in boston and it is premature to consider moving the venue at this time. >> shepard: britain's prime minister says his country is investigating reports that a
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tabloid new newspaper hacked io the mobile phone voice mails of people it covered. the uk will launch at least one investigation into the reported hackings which first came to light this week. it is all about the 2002 disappearance of this 13-year-old murder victim. police accused the news of the world news paper of hacking into her phone and deleting some of her voice mails giving thatarents the false hope p she was still alive. since then, numerous celebrities and politicians and even members of the royal family claimed somebody also hacked their homes. the news of the world is part of news international. that is the uk newspaper division of news corporation, the company that owns fox news. news corps' chairman and c.e.o. calls the hacking reports deplorable and unacceptable and writes in a statement that "i have made clear that our company must fully and proactively cooperate with the police in all investigations
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and that is exactly what news acial has been doing". the u.s. government must stop enforcing the ban on openly gay members of the military according to a ruling that came down today by the 9th circuit court of appeals in california. as you may recall, president obama last year signed a bill repealing the so called don't ask don't tell policy. the pentagon reports it is still in the process of writing new rules so it can comply. the ruling indicated police must be -- indicated that the policy must be lifted now because the court claims it is unconstitutional to treat gay americans differently than straight americans tmpleght took exxon mobil nearly an hour to seal a pipeline that leaked an estimated 42,000-gallons of oil into montana's yellowstone river. the company executive initially said the job took 30 minutes. the break happened last friday near billings in central, montana, 100-miles from yellowstone national park.
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there are now u concerns that the oil may have spread into neighboring north dakota. cleanup underway now and the governor of montana says he will be on exxon mobil "like smell on a skunk" until it's done. >> shepard: it is not the call you want your pilot to make. >> we got a hole in the fuselage in the back of the airplane. >> shepard: tonight for the first time the air traffic control recordings from a horrible flight with a hole in the fuselage. and most pta parents just attend school meetings or maybe run a bake sale or two. next, the pta mom cops accuse of running a ponzi scheme.
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search crews today say the seven people still missing after a deadly boat accident last weekend could still be alive in the warm waters of the gulf of california. but if one family -- as one family member puts it, with every passing hour hope gets hit with reality. still, rescuers from the united states and mexico continue to search the area off the mexican shore where a fishing boat loaded with u.s. tourists tipped over in a storm early sunday morning. survivors cling to coolers and rescue rings for more than 16 hours before other boats came to the rescue. searchers have confirmed the
7:21 pm
death of one american but they say those 7 others are still out there some where. an update on the story that made more than a few of us jittery to fly earlier this year. the the story of the southwest airlines passengers who heard loud noises and then looked up to see this. sunlight and fresh air streaming in through a 6-foot hole that left the plane depressurized. now, we know what was happening in the cockpit as that was going down. the feds releasing more than 100 minutes of air traffic control recordings. trace gallagher has heard the audio and is live in the west coast news hub. trace, what a day. >> reporter: what a day. of the 100 minutes released only a few were critical but the f.a.a. says those minutes paint a very clear picture of how a flight crew should handle an inflight emergency. >> southwest -- i'm sorry who is that? >> southwest 8-12 is that you?
7:22 pm
>> reporter: at that point, southwest flight 812 is cruising at 36,000 feet, around 500 miles per hour. the oxygen masks are deployed and the pilot knows he needs to get that jet to a lower altitude with or without permission. >> need like 10,000 feet. could you approve that? i'm doing it anyway. >> yes, approved. >> reporter: the plane needs to be below 10,000 feet because that is where the passengers can breathe without oxygen. now, they need to find a place to land soon. they want to turn around and fly to phoenix but it's too far. air traffic controllers suggest palm springs but the pilot has another idea. >> how far away from houma now.yuma right >> change of plans. going to yuma now.
7:23 pm
he couldn't make phoenix. >> reporter: that plane, of course, landed safe but it was far from sound. boeing now says that the hole in the plane was caused by a manufacturing defect but southwest airlines says the plane has been all patched up and it will be back in service by the end of this month. >> shepard: trace gallagher live in los angeles. as for the pilots who fly airliners, a study by the national research airliner indicates one in five travels at least 750-mile to work each time he or she is on duty. they reached the conclusion comparing the home addresses of 25,000 pilots with the base airports. it is unclear whether they begin the commute from home. they claim it underscores the need to better address such issues as pilot fatigue. the los angeles county sheriff's department charging three mothers with using a
7:24 pm
school pta to run a ponzi scheme in which they defrauded folks of their life savings. the suspected windle started back in 2008 when the women told fellow pta members they had the exclusive right to sell product from a well known local dairy to disneyland and other retailers. it went bust when an irate investor demanded his cash. police arrested two of the women on 22 felony charges. the third woman already behind bars after she pleaded guilty to related charges in san bernardino county. 750 million people now use facebook. 750 million according to the founder mark zuckerberg. today he announced new ways all of those people can stay connected. facebook is partnering with skype to let users make video calls. a web camera that plugs into your computer and a facebook account.
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they are working on a new service so multiple people can video chat at the same time. casey anthony's parents now reportedly getting death threats. their attorney joins us live, coming right up. plus, the hold the nearly two mile high dust storm in arizona it shut down the phoenix airport yesterday and knocked out power to thousands. and forecasters say there is more dust coming. officials across several states warning of a weed with sap so toxic ca it can leave yu blind. the details of the warning, where it is and what it is, next.
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our nation's best known nuclear weapons lab reopened today after that raging wildfire shut it down more than a week ago. the flames spread dangerously close to the loss ai los alamos national laboratory in new mexico. officials say the radio accordance ittive materials inside are now safe. crews north of santa fe working to get the fire under control. at last check, officials said they had it 30% contained. a small plane crashes right next to a home and that tops our news across america. california, authorities say the pilot and his passengers survived after their single engine cessna lost power and hit the ground nose first right between a house and fence northeast of los angeles. this woman was inside that home
7:29 pm
with her child. >> and all of a sudden boom and my son come running down the hallway and we ran outside and see the plane and see my car on fire. >> the two on the plane suffered minor injuries. massachusetts. a fire breaking out on a fireworks barge in boston's charles river. the same barge where workers had set off the city's fourth display. firefighters reportedly keeping the plaims away from some unexploded rounds. florida, members of the coast guard picking up 12 chinese nationals off the coast of miami. customs agents now processing the group at the port of miami. no word on where the voyage began or where their boat was going. new york, state environmental conservation officials setting up a hotline and asking for help locating outbreaks of the poisonous giant hog weed plant. its sap can cause blisters, burns and blindness and we are
7:30 pm
told anybody who sees the plant should not touch it but report its location. and that is a fox watch across america. >> shepard: i'm shepard smith. this is "the fox report". it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the lawyer for casey anthony's parents say they were shocked by yesterday's verdict that exonerated their daughter on murder charges. you will recall the anthonys had novicible reaction when the not guilty verdict came down. they left the courtroom and we are told they have not spoken to their daughter since. during the trial the defense lawyers claimed caylee anthony died accidentally and that her grandfather george anthony tried to make it look like murder as some sort of cover up. they said the young mother came from a dysfunctional family and was raised to lie. they also claimed george
7:31 pm
anthony molested his daughter and cheated on his wife. it was clearly all part of the defense strategy that many legal observers insist now worked. george and cindy anthony's attorney denies those claims. their lawyer mark lippmann is live outside the courthouse in orlando and being hooked up by our technicians on scene and will join us i'm led to believe seconds from now. one of the things we have been most curious is this, during the process of the court proceedings beginning with open ng statements the defense lawyer for casey anthony said that george anthony the father molested his daughter. so how did he react to those claims? we heard what he said in court about the accusations. but how did he react? listen to what the attorney for the state said in opening statements. >> you will hear stories about a family that is incredibly
7:32 pm
dysfunctional. you will hear about ugly things. secret things. and it all began when casey was 8 years old and her father came in to her room and began to touch her inappropriately. >> shepard: their lawyer mark lippmann joins us outside the courthouse in orlando now. first of all, he die insid nyee claims. >> we knew the defense gfsing to make the allegations prior to the trial. we didn't know about the detail they were going to go into and it angered my client, frustrated me. >> shepard: what did he say sthvment. >> say? >> my client denies aof the allegations sleps wha. >> shepard: what did he say about the accusations?
7:33 pm
>> unfortunately, i can't discuss what my clients and i talk about. i can go on the press releases that they authorize me to give. and they denied everything and certainly we were very angered by that statement. >> shepard: you mentioned the press release and and you did issue or the family did issue one directly after the verdict and it read i'm just going to read the beginning here because that is the part in which i have most interest here. despite the baseless defense chosen by casey anthony and it goes on. now, it seemed to most courtroom observers that during the course of the trial the anthonys were suggesting at the very least that they believe casey anthony was responsible for this death. is that an accurate observation by courtroom observers? >> i -- ny my clients sat in te courtroom. it is difficult for me to put into words exactly how they were thinking day to day. of course, i can't breach attorney ln client privilege. they were asked to testify by
7:34 pm
the defense and the state. they did what they had to do and testified truthfully each and every time despite what anybody says and t is probably one of the most difficult things you can go through as a parent. >> shepard: i'm confident it was. if somebody accused me of child molestation in a court of law, i might sue them. >> and i understand that concept, certainly. we investigated that concept because it was in a trial and there was a proffer made by one of the witnesses that never actually testified, mr. baez has immunity from any sort of prosecution by mr. george anthony based on the laws that are currently in effect in the state of florida. hopefully one of those laws will change soon but it still wouldn't allow us to sue mr. baez. >> shepard: is casey anthony welcome in the family home? >> i can't discuss that either for a myriad of reasons from
7:35 pm
security to attorne attorney-ct privilege. >> shepard: do your clients want to write a book or profit in any way from this? >> i can't discuss that either. certainly they want to make sure that caylee is never foregotten and make sure that the public doesn't forget, the whole reason we were all here for the past three years. >> shepard: so a book is possible? >> anything is possible. >> shepard: counselor, you know what i mean. the whole world is talking about casey anthony getting out of jail now. the possibility of her writing a book and profiting on this. will your clients say once and for all they won't profit off the death of their daughter and the trials and tribulations. >> ii would love to be able to tell you everything but i'm not a person i'm an attorney. i represent my client zellously and i will never discuss what my clients say to me because i don't want to lose my license. >> shepard: what is the next step? >> try to rebuild their lives and figure out where they go
7:36 pm
from here. they can't go back to the mundane jobs that we are all used to where cindy was in a nurse and george was in security. the case has destroyed their lives. >> shepard: will they be at sentencing and have they said for public consumption what they hope happens to their daughter? >> i can't discuss for security purposes whether or not they would be at sentencing. we already had a variety of death threats. and regardless, they wouldn't speak in the sentencing tomorrow if they were there because they are all misdemeanors and even though they have a right to speak as next of kin to the victim, we don't know what the judge is going to do. time serves her, gives her a couple of months, certainly my clients have no say in that because it is so little time. >> shepard: mark lippman, the attorney for the anthony family. >> shepard: all the latest
7:37 pm
updates and reactions plus watch her sentencing tomorrow streaming live at it happens at fox news .com and right here on fox news channel. a huge wall of dust covering phoenix and a cloud of dirt and debris. it engulfed skyscrapers. high winds took down trees and power lines. look at this time lapse that shows the scope of this storm. look at that. it reportedly stretched as wide as 50-miles in some spots, creating real chaos on the ground and in the air. some flights trying to touch down at sky harbor could not make it to the runway and others never even got off the ground. andrew with fox 10 in it phoenix shows us the scene. >> we are on the roof of terminal four. we are nine stories up. it is so dark out here you can't even see the runway. there are planes waiting at the gates, too, you can't see them either. it is so windy up here it is hard to stand up straight. >> the winds topped 50 miles per hour according to the
7:38 pm
national weather service. the storm reportedly cut power to 8,000 homes and today cleanup crews. look at that. an astounding thing to see. like a big thick blanket taking over the valley of the sun. rick reichmuth in the extreme weather center. no valley of the sun yesterday, valley of the dust. >> you said it. i'm from there and when you get these kinds of storms it is something to see. i have never seen anything like these images. you get it once you begin to get the monsoon season and it began right on schedule. we talked abou talked about ste winds when you get the thunderstorms across the eastern part of the country. the exact same thing except the wind goes down and it hits dirt instead of grass and trees. all moves forward and you get exactly this. this is something i don't think anybody in arizona has seen the likes of. the monsoon season a here and they need the rain and wait for this time of year all season
7:39 pm
long and they have got it right now. >> back east looks like storms might delay nasa's last shuttle launch this weekend. >> thursday into friday, bringing us the thunderstorms and probably around mid day. a chance it will get off but just as good of a chance, 50/50 chance that it will take off. that is not good odds. >> shepard: i hope so. we are expecting an update from nasa tomorrow morning. officials say they have no plans to call off the launch early unless the forecast gets much worse. the launch director said the mood of the halls in kennedy space center gentlemen getting more and more some better. thousands expected to lose their jobs when the fleet retires. florida's governor said the space coast will bounce back. >> it is clearly a sad day. clearly we will lose jobs out of it. we will turn lemmons into lemonade. we will take all of the talent that nasa created, the computer
7:40 pm
technicians and engineers and build other companies. >> shepard: a launch window friday, saturday and sunday. the next launch window opens saturday, july 16. if the launch goes ahead as scheduled i will be live from kennedy space center. 10:00 a.m. in oxford, friday morning,. a heated dispeus between lawmakers turns into a yelling match and then an all out brawl. look at this. oh, yeah, first the shoes come off and that is when things really get out of control. much more on this coming up. plus, brand new details in the apparently crumbling rape case against the former head of the international monetary fund. what in the world for dominik strauss-kahn. we'll have a live report on
7:41 pm
d.s.k., coming up. verizon claims i 4g lte is twi as fast as &t. we're putting them to the test against the speed of a rescue unit. go ! they're downloading a music album. the first network to finish gets rescued. does your phone know that we're racing ? done ! verizon's done ! i've got seven left ! the fastest networin america. verizon. built so you can rule the air. now powering the lg revolution.
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with an allstate agent, you don't have to live through it alone. are you in good hands? a day after president obama invite #-d republicans to the white house for talks on raising the nation's debt limit or credit limit today a preview of how contentious the talks may become as the two sides go back and forth over demands. >> the debt ceiling should not be something that is used as a gun against the heads of the american people to extract tax breaks for corporate jet owners. >> we don't think it is absolutist to oppose more
7:44 pm
stimulus spending. we don't think it is maximalist to oppose hundreds of belts of dollars in tax hikes in the middle of a job crisis. we a better term for it -- common sense. >> shepard: the white house talks are scheduled for tomorrow. the white house warns there is less than a month before the u.s. defaults on its loans there is no deal to increase the debt limits. be on the the lookout for body bombs inside the body. american officials say terrorists are talking about surgically implanting explosives into people to try to blow up planes. the officials stress there is no threat of a specific blot, but they say passengers flying into the united states may see extra security screening at foreign airports. extra security screening. as if extra security screening is going find a bomb in your belly, catherine. >> two sources told me today, shep that the threat
7:45 pm
information has a signature of the group al-qaeda in yemen and they were behind the last two plots targeting the united states including the underwear bomber on christmas of 2009. this that case the detonator was stropped to the groin of the suspect. the same bombmaker was behind the cargo printer bomb plots last fall and in both cases he used this nonmetallic explosive that defies conventional screening procedures which led to the controversial patdown policy at the airport. u.s. officials say it has been a game changer for airline security because it is so hard to detect and has given the group in yemen a lot of street cred and helped them recruit and raise money over the last 18 months. >> shepard: what sort of changes at the airport might allow the screeners to find a bomb inside a body? >> the key thing the head of the tsa said today is that it is going to have to be really
7:46 pm
reliant on intelligence and looking at individuals. short-term, people traveling from overseas expect to see more trace detection for explosives at the airports and also the bomb sniffing dogs and in a growing number of says it will be tough and we heard earlier from the chairman of the homeland security committee. >> there are going to be procedures implemented which we believe if done right can be very effective and should be effective and able to count they are threat. it is not dwog be easy but -- it is not going be easy but i believe it can be done if everybody does what they are supposed to do. >> it comes down to intelligence and identifying the right people. the patdowns and body scanners are just not going to be effective if this plot or this threat information really manifests into something serious. >> shepard: catherine herridge, thank. new turmoil in afghanistan just as the united states prepares to withdraw thousands of troops. look at this. a fight broke out yesterday as members of the afghan
7:47 pm
parliament debated whether to impeach the corrupt president there hamid karzai. the brawl raised new concerns about whether the afghan government is in in any way ready to take control of its own security. president obama announced plans to withdraw more than 30,000 u.s. troops by next september. lawyers for the man once considered a top contender for the french presidency met today with prosecutors who are reconsidering the sexual assault charges against him. this thing is blowing up. strauss-kahn's lawyers say it was a productive meeting but the manhattan district attorney's office insists it has not made any decisions on the case. a court allowed strauss-kahn to post bail last week after the prosecutors admitted they had doubts about the credibility of the hotel maid who accused him of attacking her. i say doubts. adam shapiro is with us. we might we hear they have to drop this whole thing because it looks like an unmittty
7:48 pm
mess.mitigated >> you -- it could be a phone call to the judge, it could be several things. keep in mind that the meeting this afternoon was between not only the defense attorneys and prosecutors but the top prosecutor in manhattan, cy vance himself. gives you an indication how seriously they take the the credibility problem wls the accuser who admitted she lied to the grand jury. >> shepard: what is going to happen to h her? >> her lawyers requested that cy vance and the prosecutors reduce themselves and bring in a special prosecutor. in addition to that, 100 blacks in law enforcement an organization here in new york city has sided with her and is calling on the governor to appoint a special prosecutor. it looks as if the defense side and her allies on the defense believe that the charges going to be dismissed. >> shepard: adam, thank you very much. roger clemens was once one of
7:49 pm
the most dominated pitchers in new york baseball and sadly played for the new york yankees at one point. those days are over and today jury selection tbee began in a perjury trial which could put him away for a maximum of 30 years. we'll get a live report next. plus, if you can't afford a pied casso, don't steal one. the sticky fingers in san francisco. look at that. if he made it to the cube you know he's done something. [ male announcer ] the network -- a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more amecans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... f greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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>> shepard: the numbers show roger clemens was one of the greatest pitchers in the history of baseball. 7 cy young awards, more than 350 wins. now, a perjury trial threatens to tarnish the career of the man the fans call the rocket. jury selection underway today. charges stem from his testimony to a house committee back in '08 when forcefully denied that he used performance enhancing drugs while playing in the bigs. he faces six felony counts including lying under oath, and could get up to 30 years in prison. the fox report chief correspondent jonathan hunt is with us now. going to pit clemens against one of his closest friends, andy pettit.
7:53 pm
>> they have been close friends for a long time. it will be fascinating when andy pettit takes the stand in the trial and presumably repeat whas he told investigators that clemens told him that he injected himself with human growth hormone. pettit is one of the baseball superstars who will be a witness in the trial. also likely to see sammy sosa, mark mcgwire and barry bonds. an all-star lineup at the trial. >> shepard: and the testimony from 2008 is going to be the key here. >> this is the major point of this. and it is likely to be played in court. that moment in 2008 when in front of a house committee roger clemens said he did not ever use performance enhancing drugs. listen now to that statement. >> i'm not saying senator mitchell's report is entirely wrong. i am saying brian's statements about me are wrong. let me be clear, i have never
7:54 pm
taken steroids or hgh. >> that will be the key moment when that is played. the judge also wants his deposition comments released. at the moment the house of representatives are saying they will not do that at least in terms of audio of it. >> shepard: one of the most famous doctors in the sports world with a long list of high profile clients pleaded guilty to bringing illegal drugs into the united states. he says he struggled -- he smuggled i should say human growth hormone across the border as well as an unapproved drug made from af calf blood. his clients reportedly include tiger woods and alex rodriguez. both men deny ever receiving performance enhancing drugs from him. an art thief pulls off a brazen mid day hoist and gets himself a picasso. all he had to do was take it off the wall and walk out the
7:55 pm
door. he was strolling down the street the stolen picasso under his arm. the galdry owner paid more than $122,000 for the print earlier this year at an auction. a 1965 pencil drawing. we are told police are still looking for the guy who took it. continuing coverage of the casey anthony verdict including what we can expect tomorrow when the judge happens down the sentence. that's next as "fox reports" live tonight. hest roads. ♪ [ tires screeching ] ♪ if it can survive this drive... ♪ it can survive yours. the nissan altima. innovation that lasts. innovation for all. ♪
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it's how our rough ideas become "you did that yourself?" so when we can save more on the projects that let us fix, make, and do more... that just makes the stories even better. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. right now, get glentown oak laminate flooring just 68 cents a sqre foot. >> shepard: before we go
7:58 pm
tonight, our teams it top five things of the day. a judge expected to se sentence casey anthony at 9:00 tomorrow morning. number four, spectators already lining up for tickets to watch the judge hand down the the sentence. number three, inmates at casey anthony's trial putting up barricades around the facility to control any potential crowds. number two, one of the jurors in the case telling abc news tonight that she and other members of the jury were "sick to our stomachs over the verdict". and number one. >> they denied everything and certainly we were very angered by that statement. >> shepard: the attorney for casey's parents saying they knew the defense would claim george anthony abused his daughter but he says the anthonys did not know how detailed her lawyers would get. and that is the fox reports top five. and on this day in 1862, a news paper in nevada first published an article by a young man named
7:59 pm
samuel clemens. a writer who would later change the face of literature under the pen name mark twain. he was born in missouri and long before he ever wrote a single bookmark twain worked as a printer, a river boat pilot. even considered moving to south america to pick cocoa leaves. when his brother became a politician in what is now nevada, he tagged along. after some bad luck prospecting for gold and silver, mark twain got a job as a reporter for the territorial enterprise newspaper. twain would, of course, go on to write such classics and "tom sawyer" and huck finn "but a lit rarery master first got his foot in the door 129 years ago today. again, live coverage tomorrow in

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